Hello and welcome to our awesome hack. Today I am proud to show you our newest release, CHAMP MAN 15 Hack. This awesome hack will help you to dominate everything in this game. This awesome hack was released by our high-skilled team, NewCheatsGames Team. With full-in options: Unlimited Coins Generator, Unlimited Money Generator and Unlock Coaching Badge and with awesome trap-door which is used by our hack, you will get all this things without wasting your time or even pay real money. It’s awesome right? But this isn’t all, everyone are happy that use cheats, but someone will be a little scarred about their anti-cheat system.

Champ Man 15 Hack

This won’t be a problem anymore thanks to our awesome hack security system. This system will prevent game developers to get any information about your system, location, personal data or even about our hack, so you can use it without losing anything. Awesome right? All this is possible thanks to our anti-ban, anti-track, anti-detect and proxy systems. This security system, named Layout Protection Technology is based on 16-level security system, 4 levels for every system, so they won’t be able to bypass all this layout and even if they will do it, then they will reach 14-level security, our team will redirect their activity to our hidden datacenter and we will counter-attack it. Wait, this is not all. You get all this things with an easy to use interface and an awesome device detection, named IDDS.



  1. Unlimited Coins Generator
  2. Unlimited Money Generator
  3. Unlock Coaching Badge
  4. Anti-Ban system
  5. Proxy system
  6. Anti-Detect system
  7. Anti-Track system
  8. IDDS Technology


How to use:


1.Open CMH.exe
2.Connect your phone to PC, select platform you want to use and press Detect Device
3.Select features you want to use and amount of currency you want to get
4.Press Hack and let the hack to do his job.









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